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I am Alberic Djomaki, the founder of the programme named COACH DJOMAKI ASSISTANCE. I am also the co-founder and CEO of Language and Marketing Services (LMS), an LLC headquartered in Benin Republic. Welcome to this website where everything is set for you to enjoy a Carefree Living and a Carefree Entrepreneurship.

You are here probably because you have been facing some challenges as regards some specific aspects of your life, like everyone. The good news is that you are at the right place. For me, the best feeling of happiness is when you’re happy because you have made somebody else happy.

That’s the motivation behind this programme which, I believe, will definitely be a source of blessing to a many as possible globally. Enjoy our free and paid resources to the maximum for a brighter future. Feel free to get in touch with me for any private consultations.

Besides, feel free in case you feel like partnering with us or supporting the programme for a greater impact worldwide. Remain blessed as you do so. Remember this: Everyone on earth deserves happiness and success including yourself. You just need LIGHT.

What Is CDA

Coach Djomaki Assistance (CDA) is a program initiated by Albéric DJOMAKI, CEO of Language and Marketing Services (LMS), a company based in Cotonou (Republic of Benin) since 2016 and Value Partner (of CMTPL, an award-winning technology, branding and digital marketing consulting company, working for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Learn
more about LMS by visiting our website www.lmsgroupafrica.com.

Coach Djomaki Assistance (CDA) is an information and support-based program which addresses subjects relating to success in entrepreneurship and a better life through the following two sections

Why take advantage of CDA

Albéric DJOMAKI (Coach Djomaki) is full of experience, has a perfect command of the various subjects covered and remains a very good advisor and trainer. Indeed, he has been married since 2007 and blessed with two daughters, a professional translator (English-French) and an English trainer since 2002, and an entrepreneur since 2011.

Feel free to send us your observations or suggestions regarding the program. In addition, we remain open to any support (material or financial) or any partnership that would allow us to improve the program and truly contribute to a better world.

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